ASIAN SECURITY SERVICES SDN BHD was established on the 8th of March, 2012, to meet the demand of the industrial commercial sectors for the services of security, It’s to produce level performance that can complement the preventive measures taken by the police. We are a fast growing agency in the country offering a professional approach with the latest techniques to serve our clients.


ASIAN SECURITY SERVICES SDN BHD is a private limited company with an Authorized Capital of RM500,000 and Paid Up Capital of RM300,000. The company consists of retired police and army personnel, leading company directors, and men with expertise in the security line.


ASIAN SECURITY SERVICES SDN BHD is backed by the experience and expertise of men who have worked their way through being several security companies. We are here to protect you, your staff, and your family from endangering yourselves and becoming victims of any crime. Our personnel are professional, reliable, and highly trained to meet the highest standard at the most crucial times.


Our commitment to provide effective security services to our client base on tenets, which we hold true:


  • To always maintain a high standard of professionally in security services offered.
  • Ensuring that these standards and image effect that vast experience relating to our expertise in all aspects of security we have to offer.
  • To continue to maintain the positive image of reliability, dependability, and resourcefulness that adequately serve the needs of our clients and their organizations.
  • Uphold at all costs the confidentiality of our particular service to our clients.
  • To increase an awareness of the basic need of security amongst our clients for their own corporate advantage.


And finally, we are confident that when you, our esteemed client, compare the multiple services we offer, the established security, and management track record of our management team, you can e rest assured that we would endeavour to provide more than just a number of men to make a truly worthy security organization!